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Club AGM 26th October 7:30pm

Following the AGM will be October’s monthly meeting to include a very brief meeting (president update, financial report, sub-committee reports and general business), sales tables, show and tell tables, Q & A re any Law or Regulation matters (a new feature this year), Letter of the Month (LotM this time is YZ and anything else you wish to bring along), drinks and biscuits and a chance to network with your collecting buddies. The guest speaker this month is Malcolm Brady on Webbing and other Load Bearing equipment.

Canterbury Branch Auction Saturday 30th September 10:30 am

The Auction Catalogue, Addendum and postal bidding form have been sent separately. They include the link to the photos. Due to the changes imposed on the auction, this event will run differently than in other years, so we ask that you be understanding if there are challenges during the day. This event is being run by volunteers who have given up a considerable amount of their time to make this happen. Key Points:

  • The venue has moved to the Riccarton Show Gate Hall on the same property. There is another event on the same day so please follow the instructions in the attached Addendum.
  • Some item descriptions have been updated and new items have been added.
    • There will be no sales table or display setting up and staying over on Friday night with the venue open to all including sellers and displayers from 7.30 am on Saturday morning
    •Please note that attendees will need to
    o bring their own transportation cases and or trigger locks,
    o ensure all firearms are in carry bags, cases or wrapped in the car park area
    o wear their club badges or have with them their membership card,
    o sign in on arrival from 7.30 am Saturday morning,
    o leave actions open and or bring their own safety flags, and
    o comply with all security requirements.
  • We are cautiously optimistic an Arms Officer will be attending to facilitate endorsed item transfers, but in the event, they cannot attend all endorsed transfers will need to be done between the buyer and seller at a later date.
  • Due to the confined space in the new venue, sales and bartering will be restricted to 07:30-10:30 am, over the lunch break and at the conclusion of the auction. Please refrain from sales/bartering during the auction times as it makes it difficult to hear the auctioneer. There is plenty of space outside the venue for networking.
  • As before, if you would like a display or a free sales table you must contact the auction convenor Hugh Wallace directly ( If you have contacted anyone else about a sales table, you do not have a sales table reserved.
  • Photos of the auction lots here