Northland Branch


Venue Navy League Rooms

Meeting commenced at 8.20pm Tuesday 20/06/89

Members Present:     G.A.Soich                  P.J.Glynn

                    R.V.Bowers               E.O.Faithfull

                    J.E.Hopkins               D.L.Douglas

                    T.McKinnon              R.W.Boston

                    C.R.Hopkins              D.Maunder

                    P.Urbahn                   C.Hooper


Guests:             J.Love                     R.Love

                    K.Love                     P.Hydes

Apologies:           C.Vesey,                   W.Smallbone

A  proposal to form a local branch of the New Zealand Antique Arms Association was put forward by Pat Glynn and seconded by Ross Bowers. Carried unanimously

Election of Officers:•

       Chairman:       Ross Bowers

                                 nominated Grant Soich

                                 seconded Ted Faithful

                                 elected unopposed

       Secretary/Treasurer:       Grant Soich

                                 nominated Pat Glynn

                                 seconded Tony McKinnon

                                 elected unopposed


                                 Tony McKinnon

                                 nominated Grant Soich

                                 seconded Pat Glynn

                                 Pat Glynn

                                 nominated Ross Bowers

                                 seconded Rex Boston

                                 Paul Urbahn

                                 nominated Pat Glynn

                                 seconded John Hopkins

                                 Rex Boston

                                 nominated Pat Glynn

                                 seconded Doug Maunder

                                 Colin Hopkins

                                 nominated Paul Urbahn

                                 seconded Tony McKinnon

                                 All elected unopposed

Business: Name of Branch – Branch to be called “Northland Branch”

       proposed Paul Urbahn

seconded Rex Boston

       carried unanimously

Meetings: General discussion was held on the frequency and venue.

That meetings to be held on the 1st Wednesday of every second month at 8pm.

       proposed Pat Glynn

       seconded Ross Bowers

       carried unanimously

Venue will be the Navy Rooms subject to confirmation of agreeable terms. Ross Bowers to check with Navy League as regards terms for use of their rooms.

Subscriptions: General discussion held and a proposal was made for subscriptions to be set at $10.00.

       proposed Paul Urbahn

       seconded Ross Bowers

       Carried unanimously

Newsletter: A newsletter to be sent out to all North Auckland members of the N.Z.A.A.A advising them of the next meeting.     

A general discussion was then held and the meeting closed at 9.40pm.