Tai Tapu Range

In the 1960’s Canterbury Branch members were provided a location on a local farm to construct and use as a range. The photos below help tell this story.

Warren Collingwood recalls helping at the many working bees needed to build the range. When it came to building the embankment in front of the butts and compressing it, there were not many keen, except for me to drive the farmers tractor on the soft slope.

I scored a pole ( don’t ask where from) that we repurposed as the flag for the range. I recall transporting it in a van to Norm Pearces, with as much hanging out the passengers window than was inside. At his place all the necessary flag pole fittings were added and later we transported it to the range. 

As a teenager, I recall spending many Sundays at the range with Les Perham’s son Lance. I especially enjoyed firing the cannons and the smell of black powder in my nostrils – Graeme Barber.