Here is a list of the books that we have in the Club library, if people email David H or call 021 035 0882 a week before the monthly meeting he will get them there by that meeting


DVD Anzac’s in Vietnam 
DVD Army List 1911 
DVD Battle of El Alamein 
DVD Battleships
DVD Extreme Machine Tanks
DVD Fields of Armour Vol 1
DVD Fields of Armour Vol 2
DVD Gallipoi 
DVD Guns of the Wehrmacht 
DVD John Wayne
DVD NZAHAA 50th Anniversary
DVD on preconditioners of jeeps etc after the war 
DVD Panzer Battle 
DVD Pearl Harbour to Midway
DVD The Battle of Britain
DVD The Desert Fox
DVD The Road to Stalingrad


303 Bren Light machine gun
303 Browning Model 1919 A4 machine gun
303 Lewis machine Gun
303 Magazine Lee Metford and magazine Leeenfield rifle
303 Pattern 1914 Rifle and Sniper variants
303 Rifle no 1 Smle marks 111 and 111*
303 Rifle no 4 Marks 1 and 1*
303 Rifle No5 Mk1
303 Vickers medium machine gun
45 Thompson sub machine gun
450 and 303 Martini rifles and carbines
455 Pistol Revolver No1 Mk6
577 Pattern 1852 Rifle and Snider Enfield
577 Snider Enfield Rifles and Carbines
7.62 L1 and C1 FAL Rifle
7.62 L42A1 Sniper and Lee Enfield conversions
9mm Mk1 and Owen Mk 1 Sub machine Gun
9mm Sten machine carbine marks 1 and 1*
A Glossary of the Reconstruction and use of Arms and Armour
A Primer of World Bayonets Part 1
A Primer of World Bayonets Part 2
A Treatise on the British Military Martini-Henry (The .40 303 Martini 1880-1920)
A treatise on the British Military Martini-Henry 1869-1900
An Introduction to collecting 30/06
Antique Guns
Australian SMLE variations
Backbone of the Wehrmacht
Badges Insignia of the Third Reich
Battle of Britain
Battle with the Luftwaffe
Black-powder Hobby Gun-smithing
Blue book of Gun Values
Blue Water Kiwis
British and Commonwealth Bayonets
British Cadet and Training Rifles
British Service Sword and Lance Patterns
Brothers in Arms
Bullet Manual
Cartridges of the World
Carving from the Veldt (Vol1, Vol2, Vol3)
CD of Army Ammunition Data
Col Colt Down under
Collectors guide to Swords Daggers
Colt Accouterments
Colt Percussion Accouterments 1834-1873
Commanders of the Civil War
Courage Commitment Comradeship
D Day June 6 19044
No1 Ball ammunition
Encyclopedia of Pistols and Revolvers
Exploded Firearms Drawings 2nd Edition
Field equipment of the Infantry
Fighting Handguns
Firearms Encyclopedia
Firearms Guide to Small arms of the World
Firearms of the Islamic World
Flying Aviation Art of WW2
From the Uttermost End of the Earth
Gallipoli The New Zealand Story
German Army Handbook
German Army Uniforms and Insignia
German Military Uniforms and Insignia
Great British Gun makers
Gun Digest Metallic Silhouette Shooting
Guns of the World
Hitlers Teutonic Knights
Hitting Home
ID Manual on the 303 British Service Cartridge #4 Dummy Cartridge
ID Manual on the 303 British Service Cartridge #5
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns
Illustrated Guide to Knifes
Insignia of WW2
Janes fighting Ships of WW2
Lee Enfield Parts Catalogue
List of changes British War Material Vol1, Vol2, Vol3, Vol4
Luger Variations Vol1
Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook
Lyman Reloading Handbook
Mauser Military Rifles of the World
Military Collectibles
Military Insignia of the 20 Century
Military Small Arms of the 20 Century
Naval Swords
New Zealand and the Distinguished Service
Order The Complete NZ Distinguished Conduct Medal
New Zealand Army Personal Equipment
New Zealand Army Uniforms and Clothing
New Zealand Reinforcements Badges
New Zealand Wars
NZ and the First world war 1914-19
One Hundred Great Guns
Orders Decorations and Medals awarded to
New Zealanders
Pipe and Tomahawks
Reloading Guide for Handgun accuracy
Remington handguns
Return to midway
Rifles and Pistols
Shooters Bible number 80
Shooting Secrets
Shooting Steel
Small Arms of the World
Special Service Lee Enfield Commando weapons
Stand for New Zealand
Swords Daggers and Cutlasses
The Age of Firearms
The Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House
The Black-powder Loading Manual
The Book of Guns and Gunsmiths
The book of the Gun
The book of the Gun
The Broad Arrow
The Civil War Remembered
The Complete Black-powder Handbook
The Divided Union
The Firearms of William Tranter
The Gatling Gun
The German Century
The Gun Collectors Book of Values
The Hayes Handguns Omnibus
The Home Guide to Cartridge Conversions
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms
The Lee Enfield Century of Lee Metford and Lee Enfield
The Lee Enfield Story
The Luger Story
The Mantons Gun makers
The Mosin Nagant Rifle
The NZ Medal to Colonials
The Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle
The powder Flask Book
The Spirit of the Pike
The Winchester Book
The Worlds Great Military Helcopters
The Worlds Guide to Gun Parts 11 Edition
The Worlds Guide to Parts 15 Edition
Tiger Tank
Tin Hat for Tommy
To Hunt and Return
Treatise of Ammuntion 1887
Trench Warfare
Voices of Vietnam
War in the Pacific
World Army badges and insignia since 1939
World War Uniforms since 1939
Worlds Encyclopedia of Modern Guns
Worlds Great Guns