25th November club meeting

Last Meeting for 2021

  1. Special General Meeting (as per attached Notice of Meeting and Reviewed Accounts to 30 June 2021)
  2. Monthly meeting ( like last month this will be a short meeting  approximately 15 minutes in length)
    1. MC report
    1. Finance Report
    1. Shooting Report
    1. Branch Rep Report
    1. Brief General Business

Special features for the evening

  1. End of year celebration with food and beverages supplied by the Club ie free
  2. “The History of Gasmasks’ presented by member Malcolm Brady who is well renowned as an expert researcher and presenter. 
  3. Sales tables (just label your items with your name and price and place them on the table)
  4. Show and tell table.
  5. If time permits anyone who wishes to talk about any item they have brought along.

We look forward to finishing the year on a ‘high’ with what will be a great opportunity to participate in the food and drink provided, share collecting stories, be entertained and learn something from the presenters, buy something from the sales table and most importantly just ‘check-in’ with your collecting mates before the Christmas/New Year period.

Alastair  Dunbar

HUGE Monthly Shoot 31st October – ANZAC Shoot (bolt action military)

Shooters to use one rifle of WW1 or WW2 era for all events with a 303 calibre, with original iron sights as issued. Aperature sights such as PH 5a etc. will be allowed for the rear sight but front sight must be of original blade type.
Any type of ammo can be used.
Shooters to wear period type clothing and make a fun day of it.

Shoot 1 100m
10 shots no time limit
scoring as per target

Shoot 2 Red Baron
10 shots no time limit
scoring as per target

Shoot 3 Simulated 300m Shoot
10 shots no time limit
scoring 10 points per hit

Shoot 4 Rapid Fire with both charger strip and mag change
20 shots total
10 shot mag (normal hand)
5 shot stripper clip (other hand)
Timed shoot 2min
penalty for unshot rounds
5 shot snap shot timed/shot
scoring as per target

You will need to bring along at least 50 rounds
If you haven’t got a 303 bring along any gun and have a go at the targets however you won’t be in the cup shoot.
If time allows .22 shoot to follow Anzac Cup.
Shooting to start at 9.00 promptly
After lunch shotgunning will start.


Huge thank you to all those that helped make this a successful event!
It was a long day with over 600 item from a private collection and deceased estate but for those that attend there were many new toys to drool over.
Video above a small snip-it of what was for sale