Road Trip 14th of August.

Right, so who likes a bit of adventure mixed with a bit of culture, a bit of history, a bit of lunch and a bit of good company? If YOU do, read on.

Paul D, bloody good rooster, has come up with the idea that anyone who is interested could meet at Protranz, 23 Broughs Rd, in Harewood at 0830 on the 14th of August. From there we jump on a bus and head for Geraldine. 

We’ll visit the Geraldine Vintage Car and Machinery Museum in the morning for a good old sniff around before having lunch at a local cafe. After lunch we’ll be taking a short drive out of town to a private military museum for the really juicy stuff…

After that we’ll hopefully be able to drop into the local RSA for some “refreshments” before heading back to the big smoke at a time yet to be determined, but I’m guessing it’ll be in time for dinner. No promises though.

Canterbury Branch is footing the bill for the bus – woohoo – but you’ll still need to bring your wallet. $25 (cash only) covers the two museum visits. Lunch could be cheap (BYO sammitches) or expensive (it’s Bluff oyster season, after all) depending on how you roll. And while the RSA might be serving drinks, they won’t be on the house.

If you’re keen, and if you’ve still got a pulse you should be, give Paul a call on 0276192217 and he’ll reserve a seat for you.